Spray Head Nozzles & Spray Head Valves Versus a Water Cannon

There are two (2) main water distribution options for a water truck - Spray Heads or nozzles and water cannons


Spray Head Valves & Nozzles


Spray heads are a more traditional method of distribution of water from water trucks. They may consist of pipes with perforations or specific outlet spray nozzles with or without integrated ‘water shut off’ systems.   They are designed to provide even & consistent water distribution or coverage over broad distances


Advantages of Spray Head Valves

  • Broad Coverage 
  • Even & Dense Coverage over undulating Country
  • Cost Effective 
  • Flow pattern & volume (Can often be manually adjusted by the band on the spray head/nozzle or adjusting water pump speed)


Disadvantages of Spray Head Valves

  • Limited Reach  (Reach dependent on water volume and pressure).  Water truck may need to be close to an area required to be watered
  • Lack of Precision (Designed for broad coverage rather than a target area) 


Water Cannons


Water Cannons are also known as Water Monitors.  They are moveable high pressure water delivery systems that can be mounted in static environments or on mobile equipment such as water trucks and can be used in applications of dust suppression, fire fighting, cleaning/washing, etc. in many different industries.  They can be operated manually or remotely and can be pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or manual systems. 


 Advantages of Water Cannons

  • Precise - can be aimed at certain targets.
  • Extensive Reach
  • Adjustable spray patterns (adjustable nozzles) from straight stream to fog spray.
  • Volume settings (nozzle volume settings) 
  • Efficient water usage
  • Versatile - can be used in many applications
  • Flexibility - can be operated remotely from the cab while driving 


Disadvantages of Water Cannons

  • Cost - Often purchasing & fitting a water cannon can be quite expensive 
  • Training - Additional training may be required to operate a water cannon correctly
  • Safety - Potential safety breaches
  • Water Resource - A water cannon relies on a water source and it can quickly deplete the resource

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