Control Systems & Control Boxes

A range of control boxes and parts to build a custom control system for your water truck. Electric control system parts and accessories are available for most high pressure water cannons and the water truck diesel engine pumps on the market. Radio Controlled water truck units are built to last. Whatever your needs, Water Wise Water Trucks has the right solution for you.

Joy Stick with Five (5) Function Pneumatic Switch 'In Cab' Control Box (Plastic)
On Sale 25% OFF RRP $1,149.20
LIMITED EDITION - 4 x Function Pneumatic Switch in Cab Control Box (Plastic)
On Sale 10% OFF RRP $477.76
SPECIAL - Electric Over Air Control System 12V - 4 Function - WIRED
On Sale 58% OFF RRP $2,179.63
SPECIAL - Electric Switch Control Box - Steel Enclosure (8 Function)
On Sale 56% OFF RRP $861.25
SPECIAL - Pneumatic Switch Control Box - Steel Enclosure (3 Function)
On Sale 47% OFF RRP $618.31
SPECIAL - SMALL Pneumatic Switch Control Box - Plastic Enclosure (3 Function)
On Sale 45% OFF RRP $517.25