Four (4) Function Pneumatic Switch in Cab Control Box (Plastic)

PART #: CS110121PLPN-WT-P4

4 x Toggle Switch Control Box - PNEUMADYNE SWITCHES

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The CS110121PLPN-WT-P4 control box is a plastic box 170mm wide, 220mm long and 80mm deep, internally plumbed, externally labelled with four PNEUMADYNE pneumatic toggle switches.

Functions can be added as required.

  • 4 x Pneumadyne Switches, Face Plate, Outlet label, Mounted, Numbered & Plumbed in an enclosure
  • 3 x Rear Spray Valves - Normally Open (N/O)
  • 1 x Dribble Bar - Normally Closed (N/C)
  • Internally plumbed with 4mm high-quality flexible tubing
  • External bulkhead ports for all airlines (6mm) at bottom of box
  • Fully tested 
  • Single 6mm pneumatic supply line
  • Dustproof box
  • Fully serviceable

Contact us to add additional functions (up to 9) - approximately $86 for each additional Pneumadyne Single Acting switch and approximately $164 for each additional Pneumadyne Double Acting switch. 

 *Exclusive to Water Wise Trucks Parts - Custom made to order*

  • Air Valve Silencer 1/4 (BSLM02)
  • Air Switches Pneumadyne - Toggle 3/2 - 1/8 ports (PNSW32-CO)
  • Bulkhead Fitting 6mm to 4mm (PMM0604)
  • Bulkhead Fitting 6mm (PM06)
  • Elbow 4mm with 1/8 male thread (PL0401)
  • Branch Tee 4mm with 1/8 male thread (PB0401)
  • 4mm Nylon Flexible Tubing (PA4-4B-B200)
  • Control Box Blank (CSSWBOX-BL)
  • Control Box Face Plate (CS9FN-FP)
  • Airline Numbers


Dimensions: 0.200m (w) x 0.22m (l) x 0.08m (h)
Weight: 2kg
Cubic: 0.00352m3


Brand Water Wise Truck Parts
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg