Water Pump Failure Signs

Failure of Mechanical Seals


Water Pump mechanical seals are wear parts and will wear out over time


Their life will depend on the liquid being pumped and the frequency of use (They are lubricated by the liquid being pumped).

The most common reason for failure is the water pump running dry and can easily occur at startup, although recirculating the same liquid can reduce its life and increase the liquid’s temperature and often the rubber in the mechanical seal will overheat & melt.

Also if the spring is filled with debris it will not be able to hold seal mating surfaces together. 

Failed Mechanical Seal


NOTE: When replacing a mechanical seal the mating surfaces need to be kept clean and if any fingerprints appear on the mating surfaces the seal must be cleaned with a solution 


Water Pump Cavitation


Often caused by a lack of water - the water pump is ‘starved’ of water for a period of time.  It can be caused by Inlet being turned off or inlet being clogged. It is clearly identified by small erosion holes on the impeller (often on the trailing edge)

Impeller wear due to cavitation


Water Pump Housing Failures 


If a Water Pump housing fails, either cast iron or Aluminium, it is often as a result of corrosion or a pressure spike or both.  A crack may be formed in an area of the housing that has been corroded and when a pressure spike occurs it may propagate further.

Water Pump Housing damage as a result of corrosion


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