Koreel Hose Reels


Water Wise Truck parts is a distributor of KOREEL water hose reels in Australia a leading hose reel manufacturer.  They are designed for rugged heavy duty applications requiring long lengths of hose and large storage capacity.

Founded in 1991, Koreel solely researched and developed industrial reels.  Since then Koreel has grown into a world leading reel manufacturer exporting products to 46 countries all around the globe including Japan, Oceania, American continent, and European countries.

Water Wise Truck parts is a distributor of KOREEL water hose reels. Koreel portable garden hose reels, Koreel 38mm seal kit, Koreel reel motor 12v Koreel reel 25mm stainless steel rewind hose parts, Koreel 20mm rewind garden hose reel, . Whatever your needs, Water Wise Water Trucks has the right solution for you.