About Us

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About Us

Water Wise Water Trucks Australia is an Australian owned family company with over 35 years experience in not just the Water Truck Industry but also in the Manufacturing, Construction and Mining arena.

Established in January 2007 with the view of providing a one stop shop for water truck parts and accessories, the business is now designing, manufacturing, assembling and distributing parts all over Australia and the world.

Our specialised knowledge and range of water truck parts makes us one of the top suppliers in the global field. The knowledge and experience in the business means our problem solving skills are second to none worldwide, and the ability to find solutions leads to the best possible customer service and support in the water truck industry.

Whatever your needs, Water Wise Truck Parts has the right solution for you.


Our humble beginnings began in 2003 building and operating water trucks for our own company. It was quickly established that there was a void in the industry for reliable, efficient water truck parts suppliers and also finding people with the knowledge and application understanding.

Rick, as a hands on engineer with a passion for product development and technical expertise saw the gap and the Water Truck Parts business grew.  He is now regarded as arguably the most knowledgeable person in the world on water trucks and many have learnt from his teachings.

The first home was a small compact garage in Ascot Vale in 2007, then quickly developing into a factory in Maidstone. Growth perpetuated with the business relocating to Footscray at the beginning of 2014. A new larger modern facility meant design, manufacturing and assembly was all in one location.

Whilst the business has grown and changed over time the philosophy of efficient service, reliable supply and application knowledge has always kept us in good stead for continued support and growth in the Water Truck Industry.


The evolution of the business has lead to the development and design of their pneumatic water cannon. The original prototype of its kind emerged from using water cannons from around the world, taking in the positives, the negatives and culminated all these points to design the P651 Heeler (3" Water Cannon with a 2 1/2" Waterway). The Heeler brand was born with their Water Wise mascot, Red, being the logo for the brand. A significant role who has been by Rick's side during the growth, advancement and progression of the business. Water Cannon development has progressed now into Electric and Manual versions and soon to be released Hydraulic version. Other competitors have attempted to copy our products as they realise Water Wise products are leading the industry worldwide in innovation and advancements.

Tomorrow's water truck solutions today