Water Wise B3 Hydraulic Water Pump with Mechanical Seal 100mm (4") x 80mm (3") - CW Rotation

PART #: P100-080-B3-CW-MS-HYD

Water Wise B3 Hydraulic Water Pump with Mechanical Seal

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The B3 water pump is cast iron with a 100mm (4”) suction and a 80mm (3”) discharge and an output capacity of up to 2800 litres per minute direct coupled to a hydraulic gear motor (1" or 1 1/2” Gear Width 2000 RPM @ 2000 psi, 80 - 106 LPM)


  • Mechanical Seal
  • 2800L/min
  • Steel keyed Shaft
  • Grooved Suction and Discharge
  • Maximum Dynamic Head 27 metres
  • Impeller Diameter 230 mm (9")
  • Cast iron with 100mm (4") suction and 80mm (3") discharge
  • Replaces Berkeley B3ZRM
  • Close Coupled Hydraulic Motor (Screw on hydraulic adapter converts bare shaft water pump to hydraulic drive water pump)
  • Fully serviceable with parts support
  • 33 cc Hydraulic Drive Gear Motor - Permco (HYD-PGM330)
  • Bare Shaft Water Pump, 2800L/min, Clockwise Rotation (P100-080-B3-CW)
  • Hydraulic Drive Motor Coupling/ Mount NEW Style (P100-080-B3-HDA)
  • 80mm (3) Roll Grooved Nipple (080NRGST)
  • 80mm (3) Roll Grooved Coupling - Galvanised (080RGCGS)
  • 100mm (4) Roll Grooved Nipple (100NRGST)
  • 100mm (4) Roll Grooved Coupling - Galvanised (100RGCGS)

Cast iron with 4" suction and 3" discharge - Replaces Berkeley B3ZRM


Dimensions: 0.500mm (w) x 0.500mm (l) x 0.600mm (h)
Weight: 80kg
Cubic: 0.150000000m3



SKU P100-080-B3-CW-MS-HYD
Brand Water Wise Truck Parts
Shipping Weight 80.0000kg