Butterfly Valve Spring Return, Air Actuated-80mm (3")


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Butterfly Wafer Shutoff Valve with stainless steel disc and pneumatic spring return (one way) actuator. ONE (1)  AIR LINE ONLY REQUIRED

Air actuated spring return butterfly valves are used in process automation environments and for controlling water flow on water trucks.

The butterfly valve is closed in its normal state and when air is supplied to the A port the valves opens. When air is released the valve automatically closes due to spring pressure.  Often called 'single acting or spring return' they only have one airline. 

If you already have double-acting control lines you can simply connect the open line to the A port and the closed line to the B port.

  • Actuator Type - Air Open & Spring Close
  • Open & Close Shaft Indicator 
  • Valve Seat - EPDM
  • Port Size - 1/4 BSPT Female
  • Max Butterfly Valve Pressure - 230psi
  • Max Actuator Pressure - 10 Bar (145psi)
  • Single Acting - One(1) airline
  • 12 Month Warranty


40mm (1 1/2")
0.380m (w) x 0.190m (l) x 0.100m (h)
Weight: 4.8kg
Cubic: 0.016770000m3

50mm (2")
0.380mm (w) x 0.190mm (l) x 0.100mm (h)
Weight: 4.8kg
Cubic: 0.016770

65mm (2.5")
0.110mm (w) x 0.210mm (l) x 0.380mm (h)

Weight: 7.1kg
Cubic: 0.008778000m3

80mm (3")
0.1m (w) x 0.185m (l) x 0.36m (h)
Weight: 5.6kg

100mm (4")
 0.150mm (w) x 0.260mm (l) x 0.430mm (h)

Weight: 7.8kg
Cubic: 0.016770000m3

125mm (5")
0.200m (w) x 0.260m (l) x 0.430m (h)
Weight: 9.2kg
Cubic: 0.022360000m3

(0.00mm (w) x 0.0mm (l) x 0.0mm (h)
Weight: 15kg
Cubic: 0.000m3

(0.300mm (w) x 0.500mm (l) x 0.200mm (h)
Weight: 10kg
Cubic: 0.03000000m3


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